Face Massage at Home

Nothing gives your face that glow like a good facial massage does. Facial massage is the oldest technique known to mankind to promote relaxation and a general feeling of all is well.

The face becomes smoother, brighter and glows in health. Any good spa or salon will offer you the best of facial massages. However, in this pressed-for-time century you might not always be able to afford that much time at a massage parlor.

Hence you can try out the following tips and get a perfect facial massage in the comforts of your own home.

Start by selecting your favorite massage oil. Clean your face and neck area. Pour some massage oil in your palms and spread it evenly on your face and neck. You can work in a dimly lit room with soft and soothing music playing in the background.

Now begin massaging with both your hands using fingertips of your three fingers; index, middle and ring fingers. Gently massage in upward strokes beginning at the neck. Work your way up slowly to chin, nose, cheeks, and temples and finally the forehead.  Facial massaging will require you to give strokes against the gravity.

While massaging your chin, put it up in the air. Stroke your chin in circular motion with the help of your fingers and massage in the upward direction. Don’t forget to massage under the nose, top of the lips and on the corners of the mouth.

It is important to work the forehead carefully as massaging this area will help you relax the best. Put your three fingers over your eyebrows and in circular motions stroke your forehead gently. Ensure that you move across entire area of the forehead.

Your aim while massaging is also to tone up your facial structure. This can be done only by reducing the fatty deposits on your face and making it appear thinner and leaner.  So cut that fat, literally! Make scissors of your forefingers and middle fingers.

Start at the cheeks by doing a cutting movement with your finger-scissors. Keep cutting till you reach chin. From the chin begin moving upwards in the opposite direction. Don’t stop the cutting. Your facial fat will melt down if you do this regularly.

Your face will not only feel relaxed and fresh but also look soft and supple as massaging helps balance skin moisture and detoxifies the skin as well.