Effective Skin Care Treatment

Effective Skin Care Treatment Do you want to have a glowing, flaunt radiant skin like the celebrities or the style icons? Skin care is essential to keep the skin healthy. Individuals are realising that chemical commodities may cause harmful affects on their skin.

These chemicals may cause serious trouble instead of sinking it. Carelessness to skin safety may result into early aging signs, lifelessness and discolouration of the skin. Following are some effective and easy remedies for skin treatment.

Natural Skin Care Treatment

Amongst all remedies, herbal remedies have become very popular treatment for skin care. Consumption of milk and honey is a helpful way to keep the skin nourished and avoid aging symbols. Paste of mashed ripen banana and milk can be applied over the face. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it. It will increase the glow of the skin.

Mixture of 1 tsp of walnut powder, lime juice and honey is another effective scrub for the whole body. Apply the paste and leave it for twenty minutes and wash. Paste of orange juice and turmeric powder is effective remedy for skin treatment. Apply the orange-turmeric scrub over the affected area and leave it for twenty minutes. Wash it with cold water. Prepare a mixture of mango juice and milk and use the paste as scrub over the skin. Repeat the process ones in a week.

Natural Scrubs For Skin Treatment

Natural scrubs are also very efficient in skin care treatment. Honey-almond scrub is a wonderful way to keep the skin healthy. To prepare this scrub, you have to take 4 tbsp of almond flour in a bowl mixed with 2 tbsp of jojoba oil into it. Mix both the ingredients properly and slowly add peppermint essential oil along with honey.

Easy Steps To Apply Scrubs

First clean your face properly before applying the prepared scrub. Apply the scrub all over the entire face and leave it for some time. Remove the scrub with a wash cloth dipped into warm water. Apply a good tonic or hydrosol after the use of scrub. Lemon face pack is another great treatment for skin.

Effective Remedy For Skin Treatment At Home

Take a bowl and make a paste of 4 tbsp of clay, 2tbsp of lemon juice, honey, water and jojoba oil each. Stir the entire mixture thoroughly and apply it over the face and neck. Leave it for fifteen minutes and rinse it with warm water. It will act a kind of sunscreen. Honey-rose oil scrub is another useful way to treat skin problems.

Prepare the scrub mixed with 2 tbsp of honey and almond oil each along with five drops of rose oil and one drop of vitamin E oil. Apply the scrub all over the face and neck with the help of your one figure. Allow the scrub in stay for fifteen minutes and rinse it with warm water. Apply this scrub once in a week for smooth and radiant skin color.