Do Not Let Winter Touch Your Dry Skin

Due to reduction in sebum level, your skin during winter months dries up due to lack of moisture. Many a times it occurs owing to a genetic problem or due to a deficiency in diet leading to disorder of oil glands.

Sometimes use of inappropriate soaps or creams may also lead to a dry skin problem.

Use of natural elements rather than artificial creams is recommended to prevent dry skin. Most preferred by skin specialists for skin care is a mixture. The mixture consists of orange and lime juice, with olive oil, rose water and egg yolk. This mixture is advised to be applied to your body and face minutes before taking a bath.

An important part of dry skin care is to moist your skin before you go to sleep. For the same you must apply moisturizer after cleaning your skin and then preferably a toner too. Certain skin areas like those around the eyes are delicate and should be carefully treated.

Milk bath is considered to be a good way to smooth your dry skin and keep its glow intact. Taking the milk bath once every week is considered to be nourishing as well, especially during winter months when dry skin care is hard to achieve.

Preparing the water for bath includes 250 grams of milk powder mixed in warm water with almond oil and little perfume to produce a lovely smell. Cleansing your skin is an important part of skin care. During winter months it is always advisable to regularly apply moisture to your dry skin to prevent it from further drying.

Natural ingredients based facial oils and moisturizers are preferred for the purpose of skin care. If your closet lacks good moisturizers or facial oils or a good humidifier it is always advised to stay indoors and protect your dry skin from the cold wind or sudden temperature changes. It is also advisable to keep away from highly heated places and use of very hot water for any purpose should be avoided.

Apart from the above mentioned facts, you should also try to avoid direct contact with sun rays or remember to use sunscreen lotions for dry skin care.