Detecting Skin Allergies and Preventing Them

Skin allergies can be great irritants. It can take a long run for them to heal completely, and you will find them being triggered very easily. It is important to understand what is causing the allergy, and try to keep the skin protected from it always.

If you find that your skin is not agreeable with the winter and cold, and the dry air is also doing nothing for you, you might actually have a case of dermatitis. You will notice that the skin gets red and patchy, and starts to itch. You will also notice the skin starting to develop small cracks. These cracks will be ways through which the bacteria can enter the skin and get below the surface which protects it.

You may also notice that you develop an allergy at certain places – this could be at the base of the neck, on the arms or around your wrists. This could be from the accessories you are wearing. Your chain, bangles and bracelets, or even your watch could be causing the allergy. Often nickel which is present in these accessories does not agree with the skin and causes an allergy easily.

You can test the skin with simple allergy kits and check to see if your skin is sensitive to nickel. If you do test positive, make sure you keep the skin away from them. If you must wear your watch or accessory, you can coat it with some clear nail varnish before you wear it. This will prevent the nickel from coming in direct contact with the skin, and prevent the allergy.

If your skin is sensitive, or you find that you are getting an allergy, make sure that you use a lot of petroleum jelly on your skin. You can either use this on the affected area, or simply all over the body. This will protect the skin from getting overly dry. You will not feel the urge to itch too much, and the allergy will also subside faster.

Use gentler products. Try using soaps and gels which are free from fragrance, and also more natural. Try not to use any perfume or spray directly on the skin for a while. If your skin problem is severe, use a cortisone cream to help bring down the rash immediately. It takes a while before any allergy actually shows, and if you can see your allergy clearly, it is already quite bad, so you must do what you can to bring it down immediately.