Dealing with Dehydrated Skin

Dehydration is the state when the body suffers from shortage in water. It can make the skin dull and has hazardous side effects health wise as well. Dehydrated skin lacks water because of which it looks pale and dry.

The skin shows the scarcity of water inside the body since it gets whitened and lifeless. The urinary system is likely to get affected as well. So if you have problem of dehydrated skin, here are some suggestions.

First and the obvious solution to this problem is proper hydration through drinking loads of water. One must drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. In severe cases, one may need medical help and glucose drips also have to be filled through veins inside the body.

You must seek for causes of dehydration which could be excessive walking or standing for hours under the sun without drinking water.

This damages the skin cell and also makes the skin deficient of water. Frequent motions and vomiting could be also reasons of dehydration which is why if you are suffering from them, drink loads of water. Having too much of salt is reason of dehydration as well.

Once you find the reason of your skin’s dehydration, treat it. Include fluids in form of juices, vegetable soups, coconut water, glucose water, etc. this would rejuvenate skin and it would show in minimum 4 days.

Cut down hot drinks like tea or coffee. Avoid direct contact of sun but if it is unavoidable, try carrying umbrella and a cool water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. Use water based skin care products so that they can get your skin rid of dryness and roughness.

To energize your body, take lemonade drinks and include salt and sugar in it. Do not take fried or junk food and for some days, avoid gymming or any kind of physical activity that can cause exertion. Go to salons for body spa meant for dehydrated and lifeless skin. By all these skin care tips, one can solve the problem of dry skin. so follow them and see the results within a week.