Dealing with Body Rashes

A body rash is an inflammation of the skin in particular area. It is usually characterized by eruptions, irritation, itching, change in color, stinging or a burning sensation. The texture and color of the affected area changes visibly.

The skin also appears to be frayed or swollen.  It could make the skin turn either red, dark pink or even black.  They not only appear unattractive but also cause discomfort.

Hence, you should be aware of the step to observe if you suffer from body rashes. You should have knowledge about the measures to take in order to avoid irritating them further. In addition, you should take remedial step that heal them adequately.

A rash mostly results due to prolonged exposure to heat or light. For instance, exposure in the sun for a long time gives rise to a rash. They also easily appear on dry skin. Allergic reaction to substances could also give rise to rashes. You could be allergic to plants, foodstuff, animals, chemicals, or other substances.

At times dyes and chemicals used in clothing can also causes allergies. Allergic reaction to some soaps and cosmetics is also common. Thus, as far as possible, make sure your body comes into contact with only natural substances.  Keep away from synthetic clothes, soaps, and cosmetics that can instigate rashes.

If you are suffering from a rash breakout, taking some precautionary measure is crucial. If you don’t adhere to these; the breakout can become more severe.  One of the most basic precautions you can take is to never scrub the body where it has been affected with rashes.

Furthermore, the cleanser that you use on the area affected should be extremely mild. Any harsh soap or chemicals can considerably irritate a rash. Avoid using hot water for bathing skin and exposure to sunlight.

Try rubbing olive oil to soothe rashes. You can also use oils such as vitamin e oil or cod liver oil instead. Aloe vera gel can also pacify irritation. Baking powder can also be sued to treat body rashes. Adding oatmeal to you bath will also heal them. Add around one cup of oatmeal to you bath tub and soak in it to relieve the inflammation. A bath with chamomile tea can mollify rashes.