Chocolate Facial for Your Skin

Women all around the world indulge in lot of skin care regimen to give a young and fresh glow to their skin. But not many people know that chocolate is not only yummy for your stomach, but also for your skin. Chocolate has some properties, which gives a natural and chocolaty glow to the skin. Chocolate not only keeps the stress at bay, but also keeps your skin stress free too. Eating chocolate might leave many weight conscious women guilty. If not in mouth, you can enjoy it by applying to your skin.

Following are the benefits of chocolate on your skin:

Dark chocolate is considered to be the best amongst the entire chocolate family for your skin. A chocolate is considered to be dark if it has 35% or more cocoa. Dark chocolate contains large no of antioxidants, which are considered to be beneficial for your skin.

Cocoa is the main ingredient in chocolates. Cocoa is not only delicious for eating, but has properties that are delicious for your skin too. Cocoa has antioxidant compounds that help in cell repair and renewal. In addition, it also helps in preventing the damage to the cell. It also ensures proper blood flow, smoothes your wrinkles and has a nourishing impact on the skin. In addition, the cocoa also has essential vitamins and minerals which are considered to be vital for beautiful, natural and healthy skin.

It’s not only the chocolate ingredients but even the smell of the chocolate that can work wonders for your mood boosting. And as they say, once you are happy, that shows on your face too.

Chocolate consist of caffeine, which protects our skin from skin cancer.

Recent studies have also proved that chocolate helps in boosting the serotonin in our brain which gives a calming effect to the body and also keeps you stress free. Once you are free of stress, you will be free from acne also to a certain extent. Chocolate also consist of glycerides that aid in moistening and firming the skin.

Chocolate is a natural product and thereby beneficial for all skin types.

Since ages, many experts have actually termed chocolate a cause of acne. However, recent studies have shown that this is not the case. Infact chocolate to some extent helps in acne prevention, although indirectly. Many beauty experts and salons all across the world have joined this chocolate for good skin bandwagon. So what are you waiting for? Go for it. You wont put on the calories by applying it on your skin.