Benefits of Using Toner

Toning is an important part of skin care regime especially if you use a cleanser to wash dirt, grime and excess oil off your face. Cleansing opens the clogged skin pores. These pores need to be closed.

A toner will help close these pores and also restore the ph balance of the skin to normal. If you don’t do toning after cleansing you are in effect leaving your pores open to attract further dirt particles. Also you will not regain the essential oils lost through cleansing as toning helps restore the moisture to skin.

Toning is necessary for all skin types. Alcohol free toners are the best as they lessen the swelling of the skin; add natural moisturizers and water-binding channels to the skin. Toning also helps remove any leftover make up from the skin besides supplementing it with natural moisturizers. Toner helps soothe the skin inflammation and forms a barrier on the skin against natural irritants.

When buying a toner, choose according to your skin type. Toners are formulated to suit different skin types. Don’t go for toners that contain camphor, mint, citrus, acetone, peppermint, fragrance, inflammable plant extracts, menthol and alcohols like isopropyl alcohol and ethanol.

Use a toner only after cleaning your face. But toning should be done before applying moisturizer to the face. Always use toner by pouring a few drops in a cotton ball. Never apply directly to face or use finger for application. In gentle motions spread the toner on face and neck. If the toner burns or irritates your skin, don’t apply further. The toner probably contains irritants that might not have been listed on the bottle.

Many people are under the impression that toners help tone the skin for an even look. Nor does it tighten the skin to give it a younger appearance. It simply helps reduce the size of skin pores by closing them for some time. They don’t reduce the excess oil secretion nor clean the pores. They balance the ph level of the skin that gets disturbed by use of face washes or soaps that are alkaline in nature.

There are many things that a toner does not do. However, there are benefits of using toner on the skin and toning should be made a part of skin care routine.