Baby Lotion Recipe

Many new mothers are reluctant to use baby care lotions available in the market. Even products from well-known brands are filled with chemicals and toxic substances that might harm a baby’s super sensitive skin.

The only way of ensuring that your baby remains healthy and chemical free is to make baby lotions at home to maintain the softness and suppleness of a baby’s skin.

A baby has a very soft and delicate skin because its body has not yet started producing melanin in large quantities. This is also the reason why a baby’s skin is not very oily. The delicate nature of the skin makes it impossible to fight the bacteria and toxins present in the atmosphere.

The skin can suffer from all kinds of problems like rashes, boils, eczema and even infantile acne. The only solution is to apply an all natural homemade lotion.

Honey baby lotion is an excellent way of protecting the baby’s skin. You will require 1 cup honey and one cup of heavy fat cream. Combine the two in a saucepan placed over medium heat.

Once the two have been mixed well allow to cool to room temperature. Now store it in a clean and dry lidded jar. Put the jar in the fridge. Honey baby lotion should not be stored for more than a week. Before using the lotion on the baby rub it well between your hands to warm it a little and then apply. You can even substitute milk for cream.

Vitamin E baby lotion is also an excellent lotion for baby’s sensitive skin. This lotion will protect the baby’s skin from developing eczema. Break 3 Vitamin E capsules to draw the oil from them.

Mix this oil with ½ cup olive or almond oil. Put it in a bottle and use. This lotion is great for using after baths as it will keep the skin moist and supple the whole day through.

Vaseline baby lotion is good for locking in body’s natural moisturizer. In 150g of petroleum jelly mix 5 drops of glycerine. Add 4 drops of a perfumed essential oil like lavender and mix well using a balloon whisk or a fork. Refrigerate the lotion for a day. This lotion can be stored for up to two weeks.