Aromatherapy Skin Care

Aromatherapy is the oldest known skin care treatment. It is the process by which oils extracted from the aromatic plants are used to enhance the beauty of the skin.

Today aromatherapy is very popular across the world and is often integrated into spa treatments, massage oil and various other relaxation packages. Aromatherapy is known to bring glow not only to your skin but your hair also.

Aromatherapy is very popular because it has great value in massages. Massages generally use essential oil and the healing effects of aromatherapy to soothe the whole body and the head. It is not essential that you need a partner for an aromatherapy massage. Self massage is also very popular but there is no denying the fact that massage done by another person is very soothing and relaxing.

It is important to note here that essential oils cannot be directly applied to the skin but should always be diluted in carrier oil. It is advised that you should always use ten drops of essential oils in a mixture for maximum effectiveness. But it is always better to read the precautions before using any essential oils.

Aromatherapy is very good for the skin but there are certain precautions which you must follow before indulging in aromatherapy. Some of these precautions are –

The instructions given in the bottle should be read carefully. Some of the oils have the habit of causing irritation on some skin types so it is better to know about them before applying the oils.

The quality of the essential oils varies from one company to another. Be very carefully when purchasing them. Some companies have the habit of falsely claiming that their oils are 100% pure or undiluted when in reality they are not.

Carefully read the details given in the bottle to know about the origins of this oil. You can get the name of the country of origin of the oil and the botanical name from the bottle. You will also get to know whether the oils are organic, wild – crafted or ethically farmed.

Lastly don’t ever confuse perfumed oil with essential oils. These two are entirely two different things. Perfumed oils possess none of the benefits of the essential oils.