All That You Want To Know About Oily Skin

oily skin It’s the world of glamour and nobody wants to step back in the race of getting gorgeous.  It has been seen among young women and girls that they have trouble tackling oily skin.  Oily skin has a grassy and dull skin that can make many people feel embarrass.

Blemishes and pimples are often accompanied with oily skin. Many oily skin treatments are available on the counter. Oily skin care requires no special products. All you require is a routine skin care.  Make up for oily skin is not that difficult. This article accumulates all make up tips and all skin care tips especially for oily skin.

Oily skin

Your skin type is determined by the quantity of oil present in your skin. Based on that, a skin can be oily, combination, sensitive or dry. Oily skin is generally thick, greasy and dull coloured. Coarse pores, pimples and marks or blemishes are some of the prominent features of oily skin. The oil oozes out frequently in people with oily skin type leaving the skin to appear sticky and greasy.

Oily skin is common among teenagers due to the hormonal shifts of adolescence. While generally the skin becomes dry with age. Sebaceous glands produce an increased amount of sebum or oil (the natural oil in the skin is due to these glands) during adolescence.

While any unbalance produced in the hormones during pregnancy and menopause can also trigger sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands lie deep within the dermis connected with hair shaft and due to these the sebum produced also consist of dead skin cells that shed from the hair follicle.

These glands empty the oil content on the epidermis (the skin surface) through pores. The areas of the skin that have abundance of sebaceous glands and therefore produce oil more frequently are shin nose and forehead (the T- zone). These areas have larger pores in order to adapt the high flow of oil secreted by the glands.

Neck chest and the back of the body have a large concentration of oil glands. The genes in a person determine the amount of oil produced in an individual. Acne is very common for people with oily skin. And therefore those people should take cautious measures to keep their pores from clogged.

Oily skin care

Oily skin care does not require a plenty of products. All needed is a specific oily skin care routine.  There are several ways of getting rid of oily skin. The initial step in caring for oily skin is to critically examine your current skin care routine. It seems that if you make use of harsh products with drying or irritating ingredients that might help you to get rid of oily skin because they make your skin feel less oily for some time but according to skin care experts these harsh ingredients trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

The best oily skin care is to keep on washing your face 2-3 times a day with warm water and cleanser especially made for oily skin than to using harsh soaps. Washing your face two times daily can help to clear up blackheads, whiteheads and bacteria which cause blemishes and acne.

Zinc based face wash that is designed for oily skin or acne problems can be used. The face wash designed for oily and acne skin is natural-based and utilizes botanical extracts to clear pores, manage oil of the skin and also to purify delicate facial tissue.

Washing you face with warm water helps in keeping oil away. To keep tour skin from getting acne you can also make use of antibacterial cleansing lotions. Exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week with a scrub for oily skin also helps a lot. Mud face packs are best for oily skin care.

It reduces the oil from your skin.  You can use oil-based cleansing products but lotions or cleansers with alcohol should be avoided. After cleansing you should use an oil free moisturizer to keep your skin supple. A regular oily skin care and appropriate treatment of oily skin can be helpful in keeping it clean and acne free.

A good diet is also a must for oily skin care. You should eat healthy foods that contain a diverse range of vitamins like vitamin b and vitamin C. For that you should also include a variety of citrus fruits in your diet. The vitamin c in the citrus fruits avoids oil production. You should drink plenty of water instead of beverages like soft drinks and coffee. Using lemon juice to cleanse your face is also helpful to get rid of excess oil on your skin.

Oily skin make up

For oily skin make up you should make a choice in facial care and other cosmetics that are made specifically for oily skin. A moisturizer that is oil free should be used which will give you a shine free complexion. Before applying make up to oily skin an antiseptic cream should be used. Oily skin make up generally give a matte effect. Talcum powder can be applied before putting oily skin make up to avoid oiliness.

Whenever you go shopping for makeup for oily skin you should avoid all oil-based products. Look for ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride and dimenthicone, as they clog pores. These ingredients are commonly found in foundation or powder based products. Water based make up for oily skin is also best for oily skin. Whenever you are using make up on oily skin, it is recommended to apply astringent on the face to close your pores thus reduce your oil secretions for a longer time.

Choose a blush shade lighter than the one you want to prevent your skin from darkening when it turns oily. You should always remember to touch up your makeup for oily skin with loose powder every two hours to avoid shining. You can also complement your makeup for oily skin with anti-acne products that are of a good brand.