Advanced Pregnancy Stretch Marks Treatments

We know that stretch marks are the kind of skin lesions which are reddish or purplish in color during their early stages. This is mostly due to the overstretching of the skin of the expectant mother for accommodating the developing child.

Overstretching occurs as the production of collagen has been interrupted. When collagen production is interrupted the supply of protein is decrease. The skin tissues become weaker and easily break which ultimately leads to the appearance of stretch marks.

Creams and lotion in the market are making very tall claims that they can help in getting rid of stretch marks. But not all the products are effective except a few. But above all it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

Now let’s find out some of the most advanced treatments for pregnancy stretch marks. There are various other techniques ranging from major surgery to microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion method involves the removal of the outer layer of the skin. It uses jets of zinc, aluminum oxide crystals, or a rough surface, to remove the dead skin.

This process takes place with the suction of the dead skin with a small vacuum attached to a wand. The method is painless and does not require anesthetic. Laser surgery has been gaining popularity and is being recommended by many surgeons. It is mostly advisable at the early stages of stages of appearance of stretch marks. Laser scar treatment involves minimal pain and no risk of bleeding. These are effective methods of scars removal. But not all can afford them.

If you really want to get rid of your stretch marks in a more affordable way than you can try the sunless tanning treatments. You can also try body makeup that matches your skin. You can find water resistant body makeup in market. Using these products may help in covering the stretch marks and a solution to your problem.

Remember that development of scars can be reduced with the intake of sufficient amount of vitamins, zinc, silica etc; along with this the expectant mother should also consume lots of water. Maintaining a balance diet will also help as the expectant mother may not gain more weight than the recommended range.