Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

Every woman is different. It is very natural to have increased acne during this feminine period. This harrowing condition is experienced by many women. Some of them are unsure about which acne medications are safe to use while they are pregnant and which ones should be avoided.

This problem is common in very first three months while the levels of hormones are increasing. Acne inflammations occur due to hormonal changes during early pregnancy. Even some women with clear skin experience this terrible acne during first three months of their pregnancy period.

Below mentioned are some of the remedies for the acne treatment during pregnancy:

Clear Skin sounds to be very simple, but its true that one of the most important and natural remedies for acne treatment during pregnancy is just to keep your skin clean and clear. Rinse your skin with lukewarm water after cleaning it with some face wash or soap to remove any residue that might be left over. You can use oil-free face wash and avoid soaps that contain oils and other irritating materials. You need to moisturize your skin regularly. You should use light and water based moisturizers. It prevents skin pores from clogging. Wash your face twice a day. Always remove makeup before sleeping. Prefer to use water based cosmetics instead of oil based.

Prevention is another natural remedy. Always keep in mind that touching our acne will make it worse. Don’t touch your pimples and keep your hands off those pimples. Touching or popping them up will cause the bacteria to spread. Picking the acne will create scars on your face.

Try some stress management exercises and maintain your overall health by having nutritional diet as another cause of acne during pregnancy is stress. It will help in keeping your skin healthy with less growth of acne during pregnancy. As there is no way to stop the formation of acne during pregnancy but one can control it when it arrives. These natural remedies for acne are safe to use during pregnancy but again, you must consult your doctor as it is very important period in your lifetime.

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